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The mainstay of any good workout has to be a Professional Exercise Mat. Whether you are doing yoga, pilates, HiiT training, weight training or any other form of exercise, a good mat will give you a great base for your workout.

About Our Professional Exercise Mat

Purchasing the right mat can make a huge difference to the success of your workout. That is why we have chosen one that is high-quality and designed for intensive use. This reversible mat measures 60cm x 180cm and is just 17mm thick, making it suitable for almost every purpose. It is made of soft TPE material that is completely free from PVC, for a finish that is durable and hard-wearing. This high-tech material has a clever closed-cell structure that enables it to withstand high pressure and heavy weights, so that it will last for longer. It also ensures comfort and bounce during your most intensive workouts.

This non-slip Professional Exercise Mat is also well-insulated, making it great for using on any surface. Even on the coldest of hard floors. Both sides of the mat have been given a textured surface so it won’t slip on the floor or your feet.

Caring for Your Mat

When you have finished your workout, this lightweight mat simply rolls up for convenient and easy transportation and storage. If you prefer to hang your mats, two metal eyelets enable this. It is simple to keep clean, with a washable surface that just requires a quick wipe-down after every sweat-session. Water and dirt resistant, it will stay looking good for longer.

If you need any more information about caring for your Professional Exercise Mat, there are some great videos online.

Colour: Blue/ Black
Dimensions: 184cm x 61cm x 17mm
Main Material: TPE
Packed Weight: 3.3kg
Made in Taiwan

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Weight 15 kg


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