Puori Organic Whey Protein

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The Puori Organic Whey Protein powder is a delicious and healthy way to increase the amount of protein in your diet. Created to give your muscles a post-exercise boost, aiding recovery and encouraging mass gain, this powder is quickly and easily absorbed by the body. This ensures it can get to work fast.

About Puori Organic Whey Protein

Puori use PW1 whey as their protein source of choice. This cheese by-product is one of the best sources of dietary protein, with a high nutritional value. It is easy to digest and may have a number of other benefits for the body.

The source of the whey is important. The cows selected for Puori Organic Whey Protein are raised in large pastures and are free from GMO. They have not been exposed to pesticides, hormones or antibiotics.

Even the whey itself has undergone minimal processing. This is un-instantized whey, which means it needs a good shake before drinking, in order to release the nutrients. It also means it is better for your body. The addition of coconut palm sugar is not just a tasty treat – it also ensures protein synthesis. Add one scoop of protein powder to water, almond milk or a smoothie for a healthy end to your workout.

Available in either Dark Chocolate or Bourbon Vanilla flavour, each pack contains 30 servings.

The Clean Label Project

Unlike many of the supplements on the market today, Puori Organic Whey Protein is free from fillers, additives and artificial sweeteners. They are so passionate about providing a clean, healthy product, that they have included a Clean Label on their packaging.

The Clean Label Project celebrates foods that are free from toxins and safe to consume. By including a Clean Label on the Puori Organic Whey Protein, users can track the batch number on the Clean Label website and see exactly what is in their food. Puori aims for complete transparency when it comes to your protein powder.

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Bourbon Vanilla, Dark Chocolate


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