RDX Leather Medicine Ball

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The RDX Leather Medicine Ball is a great training aid for building up strength and adding variety to your workout. The weighted ball adds an extra layer of intensity to your movements. It is ideal for professional athletes and those looking to rehabilitate their muscles.

About the RDX Leather Medicine Ball

This training tool is a versatile aid that is lots of fun to use! It has been crafted from high-quality Maya Hide™ leather that is strong and durable, so you can really test your body with confidence! This thick material has been triple-stitched for added reinforcement, allowing the ball to stand up against wear and tear. The RDX Leather Medicine Ball has an eight-panel design that adds even more strength to the structure. Meanwhile, the fantastic grip comes from the textured surface that feels soft and comfortable in your palms.

The weighted aspect of the ball comes from the internal power core sand chamber. This method of weighting allows the ball to stabilise itself for improved balance during your exercise routine. It is also filled with natural and synthetic fibres to create the exact desired weight. The ball is available in 5kg, 8kg, 10kg or 12kg, so you can choose the one that best suits your current needs. Or take one of each to give yourself the most variety in movement.

Why Use An Exercise Ball?

The variety of exercises available with the RDX Leather Medicine Ball is great. It is possible to train every single muscle in the body using this weighted tool. Add it to your core workouts to intensify Russian twists or sit ups, or test your arm power with floor or wall slams. Boxers use medicine balls to prepare for attacks to the stomach, tensing the abs while lying on the floor as the ball is thrown at them. If you would rather use it as a rehabilitation tool, you could do weighted squats or try sit-ups on top of your RDX Leather Medicine Ball.

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