RDX Training Bag 5ft & Gloves



The RDX 5ft Training Bag and Gloves set contains everything you need to become a punchbag pro! Featuring the excellent RDX boxing bag, made of Maya hide leather, this is a high-quality, durable set that you can really take some aggression out on!

About the RDX Training Bag 5ft and Gloves

The leather material of the RDX bag and gloves is patented, meaning you won’t find a stronger, tougher bag anywhere else! The material is twin-layered and hand-stitched, making for a unique, reliable finish, and is filled with a shock-absorbant pulp that ensures your punches really land without causing injury.

This 20kg bag is practically indestructible and has a maximum capacity of 60kg. It comes with a stainless-steel, rust-proof chain with four panels and a swivel connection that allows the bag to swing in all directions. It can also be tethered from the base if required.

The RDX Training Bag and Gloves come with all the fixtures and fittings required for a trustworthy training partner!

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Weight 90 kg


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