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The RDX Adjustable Weighted Vest will help build strength, endurance and stamina as you complete your cardio exercise. Bringing weight training and heart-rate-raising workouts together, this is a great way to boost your regular exercise sessions.

About the RDX Adjustable Weighted Vest

This clever premium vest allows you to add between 10 and 18kg of weight to your movements. This adjustable intensity gives you something to work towards, while immediately making cardio exercises such as running and cross training more difficult. It is this combination of workout types that works to ensure you get more from every session. This vest is a great example of working smarter, not harder.

The vest has been lightly padded for comfort, which helps with wicking moisture away from the skin to keep you dry and fresh as you sweat. The bright, colourful design has been finished with a wrap-around belt, making for a great one-size-fits-all shape. The belt rests snug, safe and secure against the body, ensuring the RDX Adjustable Weighted Vest does not irritate or distract from the task at hand.

It is easy to maintain, with a simple wipe from a damp cloth to clean as necessary. This vest can be used both indoors and out.

The Benefits of Weighted Cardio

When adding an RDX Adjustable Weighted Vest to your workout, you can expect to see a higher rise in your heart rate than when working without. This will help you to burn more calories and boost your metabolism even higher than expected.

The vest also keeps your loaded weight close to your center of gravity, making for more efficient movements. It is a useful way to add weight without over-exerting your hands and it can improve toning and conditioning.

While using the RDX Adjustable Weighted Vest, it is important to focus on form and technique. Without the right posture, you can end up damaging your muscles, so get this right before adding the vest.

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