RDX Weightlifting Belt Leather – 4″

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The RDX Weightlifting Belt is a useful tool for both beginner and experienced lifters. Helping to reduce pressure on the back and encouraging the correct contraction of the abs muscles, this is more than just an aesthetically beautiful item.

About the RDX Weightlifting Belt

When it comes to piling on the weight, it is always important to exercise caution. Lifting more than your body can hold can lead to serious back injuries and other issues. However, if you are keen on upping your lifting game, a strong, durable belt is an essential purchase.

The RDX Weightlifting Belt has been crafted from Nubuck cowhide leather, oil-tanned for a darker, elegant finish. This high-quality material is padded for the ultimate comfort during some of the most awkward movements, so that your focus stays on the lift. Meanwhile, the thick leather helps to absorb some of the shock of sharp, heavy movements. The contoured style makes for a customised fit that is safe and secure, providing the required support to the lower back. This belt has been made to withstand regular, intensive use, with heavy-duty reinforced stitching and steel rivets that won’t come undone at the peak of your lift. The large steel buckle has dual prongs for the toughest closure.

Your perfect gym partner, this RDX Weightlifting Belt can be used with care to bring you the very best success.

How to Use Your Belt

Proper use of your belt is essential to keep your body safe from intense pressure. It should be placed above the hips, sitting at belly-button level to offer the correct support.  There are several belt holes, so you can adjust the belt to the level that best fits your body. When wearing, make sure the extra leather strap sits between the buckle and your body to prevent chafing and irritation. Slot the belt through both belt holder straps for the tidiest finish.

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