Rehband Blue Line Wrist Support

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Rehband Blue Line Wrist Support

Want maximum stability during workouts? Get it with the Rehband Blue Line Wrist Support from D8 Fitness. Each wrist support is sold individually.

What sets the Rehband Blue Line apart from the rest? Its superior stability. As a result, heavy lifters will get the most out of each session. What’s more, these wrist supports have been scientifically proven to help protect against strain and tissue overload.

Especially relevant for heavy lifters are the adjustable and/or removable strap and the durable neoprene material. The palm is open and unrestricted. Together, these features encourage maximum performance.

Other benefits of the Rehband Blue Line Wrist Support include stability, compression and warmth. Why is this important? Because stability encourages both a mental and physical feeling of safety in the wearer. Furthermore, compression helps prevent against injuries while also improving muscle memory. Finally, warmth protects joints and soft tissue from injury.

Most of all, Rehband Blue Line Wrist Supports offer controlled performance without compromising flexibility or mobility.

For powerful support, choose the Blue Line Wrist Support from Rehband.

Key Features include:

  • Superior joint stability and safety
  • Removable and adjustable strap for a customized fit
  • Free palm for unobstructed grip
  • Fast warm-up and heat retention
  • Increased muscle control reduces energy waste
  • High performance material for elastic strength
  • Advanced stitching technology for enhanced durability
  • Measurements: 5mm x 16cm

1 x wrist support is supplied with this purchase.

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