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Keep your elbow joints safe and supported as you attempt to lift heavier weights with the Rehband Elbow Sleeve Black. Keeping your joints stable so that you have more control over your movements, this essential sleeve prevents injury and strain.

About the Rehband Elbow Sleeve Black

A training tool made for the serious athlete, this heavy-duty support is incredibly durable and effective. Providing compression to the sensitive area, it keeps your joints warm and supple while also helping to improve muscle memory. This sleeve has been carefully manufactured to provide the ultimate anatomical support. The back panel is completely seamless for comfort, while the soft, flexible fabric is firm but relenting. This construction ensures you can move with ease.

Why Do You Need to Use an Elbow Support?

Any serious weightlifters should use a Rehband Elbow Sleeve Black support as an effective way to bring confidence and stability to their lifts. Attempting to pick up heavier weights is always risky but with the right training tools you can ensure you remain pain-free and in excellent health. Doing things the right way will ensure you get stronger and prevent injury.

However, an elbow sleeve is also essential for any athlete who is concerned about their elbow health. Helping to prevent inflammation and repetitive strain injury, as well as common issues such as tennis and golf elbow, the support prevents and soothes pain.  It is also a great way to help improve circulation in the arm, so that your technique doesn’t falter with annoying pins and needles.

Available in a range of sizes, the Rehband Elbow Sleeve Black is sold as a single unit. Too choose your size, slightly bend your elbow and use a tape measure. Anything below 26cm will require a small support. Anything above 28cm will need a large, and anything in between will be medium.

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