Rehband Elbow Sleeve Blue 5mm



Keep those elbows inline and on track as you lift weights above your head with the Rehband Elbow Sleeve Blue. Supporting this sensitive part of your arm helps to prevent injury and stabilize the joint. This helps you to lift heavier and complete more reps!

About the Rehband Elbow Sleeve Blue

If your elbow is feeling a little out of sorts, this is the perfect support to keep your lifting game strong. This durable design features a seamless back panel and ergonomic construction to ensure your elbow is comfortable and mobile throughout use. It has been made for heavy duty use, cradling the elbow through each joint extension. It keeps it warm and compressed, so that you elbow feels fluid and in control at all times.

With the support of the Rehband Elbow Sleeve Blue, you can complete each rep with confidence. Your elbow is unable to slip out of line, preventing injury and helping to maintain your form. Proper form aids in fitness progress, so you can work harder to increase your weights. This sleeve is 5mm thick – thick enough to be effective and thin enough that it won’t distract from your workout.

Do I Need a Support?

If you are starting to suffer from elbow issues, a Rehband Elbow Sleeve Blue can be an invaluable tool to keep you exercising. It is useful if you have golfer or tennis elbow, as well as general inflammation or wear and tear injuries.

The mental effects are useful too. If you have any concerns about the pressure you are putting on your elbow, wearing a sleeve can help to alleviate these. You know your joints are safe, so that is one less barrier to success. The Rehband Elbow Sleeve Blue is ideal if you are a weightlifter, cross trainer or a participant in any power sports.

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