Rehband Knee Sleeve Blue 7mm



Give your knee joints a little support with the Rehband Knee Support Blue 7mm. Designed to keep your knees aligned with the rest of your leg as you squat, lunge or lift heavy weights, this leg sleeve helps to reduce pain and prevent injury.

About the Rehband Knee Support Blue 7mm

Featuring 40% more neoprene fabric than any other support in the Rehband range, these are the very best sleeves on the market. They work to compress the joint, so that it can flex without slipping out of place. This compression also promotes better blood flow and ensures there is less pressure on the knee as you put your body to the test. The Rehband Knee Support Blue 7mm keeps your knee warm, so that it is better prepared for the range of movements ahead. It has a 3d design that ensures you are always comfortable as you lift.

The size you require will depend on the circumference of your leg just below the knee. The extra small design is for those with a circumference of 33cm or less, while small is best for 33-35cm. Circumferences of 35-37cm will require a medium fitting, while large fits 37-40cm. You are an extra large if your leg measures 40-43cm and anything above that will require XXL. This sizing ensures there is a Rehband Knee Support Blue 7mm for every shape and size.

How Do Support Sleeves Work?

Whether you are already suffering with a form of knee injury, or you are just looking to prevent one, a knee sleeve can help. Providing support and assurance to those who are worried about the pressure on their knees, they are essential for anyone levelling up their workouts.

The compression around the knee maximises the flow of blood to the area. This reduces any chance of inflammation and keeps your joint stable as you maintain a constant level of movement. These 7mm sleeves are ideal for those practising heavier lifts or looking for rehabilitation support.


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