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Keep your knee joint aligned as you squat, jump or lunge with the grey Rehband Knee Support. Ideal for serious competition weightlifters, as well as those who need a rehabilitation aid, these are an essential product for all fitness fanatics.

About the Rehband Knee Support

These knee sleeves are some of the thickest on the market, made up of 40% more neoprene than any of Rehband’s other products. This makes them more durable and hard-wearing, ensuring maximum compression to the knee joint. Keeping the area warm and comfortable is key for a healthy workout. However, these supports also promote a good flow of blood to the knee, reducing inflammation and therefore helping to prevent injury.

If you are already suffering with a knee injury, the 3d-contoured design will take pressure off of the joint. This will reduce pain so that you can continue on with your day as normal.

How to Select Your Sleeve Size

The Rehband Knee Support comes in a range of sizes and it is important to get the one that best suits your needs. First of all, you need to measure the circumference of your leg below the knee. If this measurement is below 35cm, you should choose a small size. Above 37cm is large and anything in between is medium.

You then need to decide what thickness sleeve to buy. For most people, the 5mm thickness is ideal. It is perfect for those playing sports or beginning their fitness journey. The 7mm is best for those looking to up their weightlifting game. The extra padding will help stabilise the knees for the most effective lifting base.


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