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When you want to take powerlifting seriously, you need the Rehband Power Max knee sleeves. These thick, strong supports are made in collaboration with professional athletes to provide the best possible aid to your exercise.

About the Rehband Power Max Supports

These 7mm thick sleeves are the strongest and most durable Rehband have ever created. They will not let you down in a competition scenario. A lot of research and innovation has been undertaken to ensure a tighter fit and a more comfortable length. Each sleeve now measures 30cm in length, so that you get a better range of movement and compression in your product.

Compression is the most important aspect of the design. It helps to increase blood flow around the knee joint, reducing inflammation and keeping pain at bay. The Rehband Power Max also keeps the knee warm, so your joints are more fluid and able to move, while stabilising the joint so it can’t slip out of place.

The sleeve has been crafted from four panels, which has proven benefits for the knee. It relieves pressure and helps with coordination of the area. All the energy in the knee is targeted for best results, helping you to lift heavier and for longer. The sleeve won’t move as you workout or restrict your movement, and wearing it provides a mental feeling of safety.

Who Should Use These Supports?

The Rehband Power Max knee sleeves are best for those training towards competition weightlifting level. The design helps prevent any unnecessary strain that might come from overuse or swelling. They are also great if you have already injured the area, providing the support that will help ease pain and increase recovery time. The extra length is fantastic for taller athletes or those with longer legs since it gives them the extra support they need.


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