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Keep shin splints and calf pain at bay with the RX Shin Sleeve Calf Support. These sleeves provide compression on the most sensitive part of your leg. Use during and after a workout to speed muscle recovery.

About the RX Shin Sleeve

Ready to support your shin muscles during even the heaviest of workouts, these calf sleeves aim to prevent pain, inflammation and friction burns as you test your legs to the limit! A good workout needs a strong base to be truly effective and these supports help to ensure that is the case.

The calf sleeves have numerous benefits. They insulate your lower leg keeping your muscles are warm and prepared to exercise. This warmth also provides an element of pain relief, maintaining a constant temperature so you can push harder than ever before.

Meanwhile, the compression comes from the shin sleeves’ ability to mould to the shape of your leg. This keeps your muscles in place and helps improve their coordination, whilst ensuring comfort during your workout. The anatomic construction of these supports makes them one of the most important tools in the fight against shin splints for this reason. It also ensures that your muscles are working as hard as they can without wasting energy or losing heat.

At the same time, these shin sleeves help to prevent the legs from rubbing against each other, so you avoid irritating friction burn.


A Unique Design from Rehband RX

These shin sleeves are unlike any other calf support you will find on the market. The smart design is patented to ensure authenticity. Created to allow for the most comfortable workout, a lot of research and work went into the making of them. With advice from athletes, physical therapists and sports professionals, as well as experienced textile engineers, these supports have the perfect fit and faultless performance.

It is important to discuss the use of the RX Shin Sleeve with your personal trainer or physical therapist. They are considered to be a medical device and should be respected as such.

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