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This tennis elbow strap will work to improve you comfort when you start to feel the strain of repetitive movement. It will provide targeted support for your elbow and forearm, so you can continue your training as normal.

About the Tennis Elbow Strap

This sleek, simple strap is suitable for both the left or right arm. It simply slides into place for immediate relief for your elbow. Compressing the tendons and muscles in the forearm works to provide pain relief and can also prevent injury from occurring. The clever strap design makes it easy to adjust the support to suit with Velcro fastening that allows you control of the compression. This is a high-quality product created by Rehand, a brand trusted by athletes around the world.

This tennis elbow strap also has a removeable insert, creating a bespoke support that suits your needs. Made from 100% TPU material, the strap is machine washable and should be air dried for use as often as required. The straps are sold in individual packs.

Who Might Benefit from Elbow Support?

As the name suggests, anyone who plays regularly tennis should have a little extra support on their elbow. However, anyone who puts pressure on their elbow can use the tennis elbow support. Golfers and weightlifters often complain about pain in their elbows, but it is not always fitness related. Elbow pain is sometimes caused by repetitive strain injury from working at a computer, painting or cooking. These supports are great for anyone who has over-exerted their elbow, or who may be concerned about the possibility of injury. Prevention is always better than cure, so the Tennis Elbow Strap should be an essential part of your gym kit. If you are already in pain, this is a great way to aid in your rehabilitation.

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