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Our wrists all need a little support sometimes and the Rehband Wrist Support is the ideal wrap for the job! Created for those who are starting to lift heavier weights, these clever wraps will prevent injury as you put your muscles under strain.

About The X-RX Rehband Wrist Support Wraps

This stabilizing support provides a rigid structure that will keep your wrist in place as you lift. Despite this stiff support, it is also flexible, giving you ultimate control over the way your wrist moves throughout each exercise. There is a hook for your thumb, so you can grip with confidence. This hook also ensures you have the wrist in the correct place for best results.
The Rehband Wrist Support Wraps are strapped into place with long Velcro attachments. This makes it a one-size-fits-all product that can be adjusted to suit any size arm. You can make it as tight or as loose as you need, adapting the fit to suit each movement. Made of a polyester, elastane and cotton mix, this breathable design measures 45cm in length and is sold as a pair. Good form comes in the details and the wrists are an important part of that. Keep them strong with the Rehband Wrist Support.

Why Use These Supports?

Whether you are lifting for the first time or you are heading for a personal best, it is important to look after your wrists. The aim of the Rehband Wrist Support Wraps is to prevent excessive wrist extension, which can damage the muscles and tendons in the area. If you wrists are not in good condition, you will struggle to train your upper arm muscles. The more you push them, the greater chance you will have of serious injury. Strong, supported wrists, however, can make all the difference.
The correct wrist position will make lifting a little easier, setting you up for success.


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