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The perfect tonic after a hard session in the gym, Rhino Skin Solutions Repair heals sore and damaged skin. If you have blisters from the barbell or any other surface injury, this natural lotion helps the skin to heal. A silky smooth and aromatic lotion, we currently stock the 50ml variety.

About Rhino Skin Solutions Repair

All-natural ingredients make up the formula of this lovely lotion. This makes for the healthiest, most reliable ingredients list. Ideal for active people, it is a non-greasy liquid that can be applied liberally to quench and hydrate the skin. It also helps to regenerate the muscles after a gruelling workout, so that they repair faster and stronger than before.

Rhino Skin Solutions Repair is a great product for extreme athletes, such as climbers, snowboarders and anyone else that might experience regular damage to their skin. It works on a preventative level, as well as a rehabilitative one, with cumulative use helping to strengthen the skin against future damage.

What is In the Lotion?

There are absolutely no fillers in this product. Each ingredient is known for its skin-healing properties. With menthol to act as an analgesic and magnesium to nourish both the skin and body, it can act quickly and efficiently for best results. It also includes an array of essential oils, including rosemary and lavender, which have their own restorative benefits while adding a pleasant aroma to the lotion. The entire formula is completely natural, so you don’t have to worry about negative effects of chemicals and toxic ingredients.

When used regularly, Rhino Skin Solutions Repair helps to hydrate, cleanse and strengthen the skin. It is the perfect choice for maintaining optimum skin health. It is great value too, at a low price that means you can feel confident buying it again and again.

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