Rhino Skin Solutions Split – Care for Cracks and Cuts


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When your skin is dry and cracked, Rhino Skin Solutions Split is a dream cream! Designed to work alongside proper wound hygiene, this effective lotion speeds up the healing process for smooth, soft skin.

About Rhino Skin Solutions Split

When it comes to healing and restoring the skin, nothing is better than plant power! That is why this lotion is made up of a variety of therapeutic natural ingredients. Beeswax is the main active ingredient, known for its ability to work as a barrier cream, protecting the area from further damage. This is enriched with healing vitamin E and Arnica, which help to soothe and regenerate skin cells.

Tea tree oil is the star of the show, with antibacterial properties and the ability to treat dry, cracked skin. Meanwhile, dragons blood is incredibly hydrating, helping to bring the skin back to its former glory. Together, this combination of ingredients make up one powerful Rhino Skin Solutions Split stick.

How to Use Your Split Stick

Hygiene is all important when treating dry skin or wounds, as it helps to prevent infection. So the very first step should be to clean and dry the area, ensuring it is free from bacteria. You can then use your Rhino Skin Solutions Split stick on the area, gently running the stick across the affected skin. Use a breathable bandage to cover the area and protect it from environmental damage.

Occasionally, the lack of air to the area may cause the skin to turn white. If this is the case, remove the bandage and let the skin ‘breathe’. You can repeat the original steps once the skin has returned to its normal colour. Reapply the Split stick as many times as necessary.

We currently stock Rhino Skin Solutions Split in two sizes. Choose from the small 0.15oz or the larger 2.5oz sticks.

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