Rubber Jigsaw Mat 3mm 50cm x 50cm


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Rubber Jigsaw Mat (3mm; 50cm x 50cm)

Protect your floors and gym equipment with our rubber jigsaw mat available online and in store from D8 Fitness. Use them in light commercial spaces, stores rooms, personal training studios, and home gyms.

Avoid damage to both floors and equipment by laying this rubber mat down as flooring. Place it underneath heavy equipment to avoid gouges or scrapes in your floor. It’s important for your gym environment to be safe and look good. Achieve both goals with our Rubber Jigsaw Mats.

Our rubber gym mats are made from high-quality, durable rubber. Piece them together to adequately cover the desired area. Use them in a variety of environments, personal training studio, garages, work stations, retail stores, factories and more. Save your floors and avoid unnecessary damage to your equipment.

Each mat measures 50cm square. Interlocking edges provide secure maximum coverage. Use a single mat for placing kettlebells or weights on the floor, or use several squares together to create a free weights area. Converting a space in your home to a private workout gym? Cover the entire floor with rubber mats to create a solid protective surface that’s easy to remove if needed.

These weighted rubber mats feature a non-slip texture and will stay securely in place. The weight and non-slip texture will ensure a firm grip to your floor. As a result, you won’t need an underlay. Cleaning the rubber mats is also easy; simply wipe them down with a wet, clean cloth.


  • Each mat is 50cm square
  • 3mm thick
  • Protects gym floors against scrapes, gouges and cuts from heavy equipment
  • Non-slip surface ensures equipment won’t slip
  • Non-slip surface also provides traction for performing exercises
  • Surface helps to reduce impact on joints
  • Easy to install (just place them together, like a jigsaw puzzle)
  • Simple to keep clean with light brushing and damp mop.
  • No adhesive needed
  • Ideal for use in: light commercial spaces, stores rooms, personal training studios, and home gyms
  • If you are covering large areas in a high foot traffic area, adhesive to lay mat would be your best option.


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