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Use the Sacroiliac Belt to stabilise the base of your spine and relieve lower back pain.  This clever contraption is ideal for use in pregnancy and post-natal ailments, as well as issues surrounding pelvis instability and other causes of acute lower back pain.

About the Sacroiliac Belt

This popular belt is used throughout doctors surgeries and private clinics across the country. It is recommended by medical professionals for its ability to provide long-term comfort and support. The elasticated design uses latex to provide plenty of give. Soft polyester wraps the material in a breathable cushion in such a way that the latex never comes in contact with the skin.

There is also a layer of open-cell urethane foam. This padded layer feels super cool against the skin thanks to its breathable, moisture-wicking properties. The open nature of the fabric allows air to flow freely through it, so you never feel too hot or uncomfortable when wearing the Sacroiliac Belt. It is hypoallergenic and slightly tacky, moulding against the skin in a reassuring way.

The belt is available in four different sizes. Measure your body around the hips to find your perfect fit.

When to Use this Belt

It is important to note that this belt is not a cure for any kind of back or pelvis pain. It works as a support so that you can continue with your day in relative comfort. Any underlying issues may still need to be addressed.

Wear all day long to help reduce the pain of most back issues. It is a great support for hypermobility and coxofemoral instability, as well as SPD. It is ideal for use pre and post partum and wonderful for post-traumatic stress.

The Sacroiliac Belt is worn over or under clothing, depending on your preference. Complete instructions for use are in the box.

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