Hooded Sauna Sweat Suit – Slim-fit Design – None Rip

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Hooded Sauna Sweat Suit

Weight cutting for a fight or general weight loss can often be quite an ordeal, and to find comfort in such an uncomfortable situation is hard to come by. Here we are introducing RDX’s latest sweatsuit. Sleek in design, non-bulky, slim fit Sauna Sweat Suit are unisex and come in various sizes. 

Shed water weight like a pro, and 20% more than your average suits thanks to the super heat-insulating, non-toxic PU inner that is concealed by extremely durable Nylon. 

Designed to retain heat to the max and encourage further perspiration. Elasticated cuffs & jacket base along with waistband and ankles regulate the thermal transfer. Drawstring hoodie and waistband of the pants help with heat modulation and fit according to your comfort.

Sauna Sweat Suit Features:

  • Durable Nylon 
  • Elasticated cuffs, ankles, waistband and base of the jacket ensures complete trapping of heat.
  • Drawstrings in hoodie coupled with a jacket, help regulate heat ventilation.
  • Machine washable – non-tear design promises multiple washes without damaging material in the slightest
  • Duo-stitched for endurance, this slim-fit design is untearable
  • Unisex size

Maintenance of sauna suit

  • Clean after use in the shower or wipe down
  • Hang to dry before using again
  • Store in a dry cool place

Additional information

Weight 15 kg

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