Scitec Nutrition BCAA + Glutamine Xpress 300g


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Scitec Nutrition BCAA + Glutamine Xpress is a perfectly blended mix of the three branched-chain amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine. When combined with glutamine, it becomes a powerful supplement that is ideal for taking your post-workout slump and improving your recovery and energy levels.

About Scitec Nutrition BCAA + Glutamine Xpress

This sugar-free, gluten-free formula contains 5g of BCAAs and 5g of glutamine per serving, making it a post-workout force to be reckoned with! It specifically targets the muscles to help reduce fatigue and pain and increase muscle mass and strength. This enables you to create the toned, honed figure you crave!

This powder also includes taurine, which helps boost your metabolism and fitness prowess. To enjoy, simply mix one scoop with 600ml of water. It can be consumed before, after or during a workout to get the results you require. Each tub contains 300g of powder, with 25 servings per pot.

Please consult a medical professional before adding any supplement to your diet.

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