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Train like a champion with the Shamrock Triple gym from D8 Fitness!

The Shamrock Triple Gym is designed to provide a complete, whole-body workout from the comfort and ease of your home. This incredibly versatile piece of equipment lets you perform up to 35 body weight exercises, including but not limited to: dips, pull-ups, bodyweight rows, leg raises, suspended push-ups and many more! Constructed from heavy duty steel, the Shamrock holds up to 300lbs of body weight.

You’re just seconds away from working out every single muscle group in your body. Simply follow the directions to attach the Shamrock Triple Gym to any doorframe. There are no bolts or screws! The bar uses tension and friction to stay in place. It will expand from 24 inches to 32 inches wide to accommodate different doorway sizes. Rubber guards on the end of the bar protect your doorway from scratches or gouges.

The Shamrock’s 3-part hook-on design makes it easy to extend the range of your workout and stow it away for easy storage.

Simply put, the Shamrock Triple Gym is the best doorway pull-up bar on the market. No home training set-up or regimen is complete without it. Its expandable pull-up bar is the widest of any doorway pull up bar and is extremely sturdy. It also hangs higher than a majority of other bars, easily accommodating taller people.



  • Work every single muscle group in your entire body
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced athletes
  • Attaches to any standard door in seconds
  • No screws or bolts
  • Won’t damage doors or doorframes
  • 3-Part hook-on design for easy storage
  • Heavy duty steel holds up to 300 pounds
  • Pull-up bar is 8 inches higher than ordinary pull-up bars
  • Unique extension bars hook onto the pull-up bar for a wide range of exercises
  • Suspension straps attach to extension bars for a complete suspension workout



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