Slimguide Skinfold Caliper in Black with Instructions



Skinfold Caliper

Easily measure your body composition with this Skinfold Caliper, available in store and online at D8 Fitness.

The Slimguide Skinfold Caliper features the same jaw area and spring tension as the Harpenden Caliper jaw. This design creates constant pressure. As a result, you’ll achieve measurements comparable to those of the Harpenden as well. Consequently, researchers and professionals around the world use the Slim Guide caliper. However, the slim guide offers a more affordable alternative to the Harpenden and other more expensive options.

The heavy-duty ABS plastic used in the construction is extremely durable. In fact, the same monomer is used in automotive bumpers and gold club heads. Furthermore, the stainless steel springs and hardware add to its high quality and lasting durability.

Worried about calibration? Don’t be. The analogue pointer doesn’t require any calibration once factory settings are achieved. The easy-to-read scale measures up to 80mm

The spring closure ensures constant pressure throughout the whole range of measurement. This product also includes a complimentary 20-page booklet. “How to Measure Your % of Body Fat” teaches you how to use and maintain your skinfold caliper.

Finally, the Slimguide Skinfold Caliper is especially useful using the Durnin & Womersley method (1974). This method utilizes four skinfold measurements, which are the same for both males and females, to estimate body fat percentages. The four skinfold sites are: triceps, biceps, subscapular and suprailiac.


  • Calibrated jaw measures up to 80mm. This is especially relevant for larger non-athletic populations where this may be required.
  • Measurements read to the nearest 0.5 mm.
  • Easy to use pistol grip trigger.
  • Dual springs for consistent measurements.
  • Comes with an informative 20 page instruction manual, “How to Measure Your % Body Fat”
  • Made of durable ABS plastic
  • Weight: 200 grams (0.5 lbs)
  • Dimensions:  28 x 25cm (11 x 10 inches)

Accurately measure skinfold thickness and estimate present body fat using this precision instrument.


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