Hip Circles & Sling Shot Exercise Band


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Hip Circle Exercise Band

Improve technique and get stronger faster with the Sling Shot also known as Hip Circle Exercise Band. This multi-use tool is available now online and in store from D8 Fitness.

What’s it good for?

Activate muscles around the hips and glutes. The band adds resistance and keeps your knees pushed out during certain exercises. As a result, you strengthen both your hip abductors and external rotators. Each squat and deadlift becomes more impactful.

Alternatively, use the Sling Shot Hip Circle Exercise Band during warm-ups. Take long strides as you walk. Walk forward, backward or from side to side. The band’s resistance warms up your entire body.

The band’s advantages can be felt while performing a variety of exercises. Wear it during squats and deadlifts to force your knees out. Or wear it on the treadmill for adding extra resistance while walking.

Do you suffer from tightness in your hips? The Sling Shot Hip Circle Exercise Band can help. Save time by wearing the band to speed up your warm up. Focus on your hip movements to get the best, most optimal work out of them.

Regular use also provides the added benefit of better overall mobility, which will in turn improve your quality of movement throughout the day, not just in the gym.

How does it work?

Slip the band over both legs. Let it rest across your thighs, just above your knees. Adjust as needed for desired width to create optimal resistance during movements.

The wide bands stay in place as you move. If you’ve tried other bands that roll or slip, this is the answer to all your needs.

Experience the benefits for yourself. Get this great product at a great price.

  • Length: 38cm
  • Width: 8cm
  • 3 Strengths, medium, hard, extra hard
  • Canvas storage bag
  • Made of a High Quality Cotton and Rubber Blend.
  • Non Roll Gripping Surface. Non slip grippy layers.

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