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Show the world your superhero status, with our super hero smart shakers! A fun way to drink your post-workout shake, you can remind yourself why you exercise the way you do. Every lift is a lift closer to being just like Superman!

About the Super Hero Smart Shakers

The designs may be exciting, but the premise of these shakers is very simple. They have a large capacity, with space for up to 800ml of your choice of protein drink. They are leakproof and offer silent mixing, so you can quietly make your shake with ease. The tough, durable material is free from BPA and DEHP, so you don’t have to worry about any toxins leaching into your drink.

These smart shakers are a great gift for anyone who loves both exercise and DC superheroes. Choose their favourite character or buy one of each! They are great value for money, so the whole set might be an option! Otherwise, the designs include Batman, Aquaman, Harley Quinn, Justice League, Supergirl, Superman, The Flash, The Joker and Wonderwoman.

To make your protein shake, choose a protein powder of your choice and add it to your smart shaker, following the individual instructions on the packet. Give it a good shake and then lift the leakproof lid to enjoy!

Choosing a Bottle for Your Protein Shakes

It is best practice to choose a bottle that has more capacity than you need. For example, if you usually enjoy a 500ml serving of protein shake after a workout, our 800ml smart shaker will be perfect. This is to ensure you have plenty of space to shake and mix your protein powder. Almost all bottles are now designed to fit the same bottle holder found in cars and on gym equipment. These DC shakers are no different but they look much cooler than other bottles.

  • Leak-Proof and Silent mixing
  • BPA and DEHP Free

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Super Hero Shakers

Aquaman, Batman, Harley Quinn, Joker, Superman, Wonder Women


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