Smelling Salts – Nose Tork


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Smelling Salts – Nose Tork

With Nose Tork Smelling Salts you will get a little extra boost at your next powerlifting competition! Used since Roman times, smelling salts can be used in most competitions as a “natural stimulant” to help you generate that little bit of extra focus on the task ahead. Composed of ammonium carbonate, these salts are inhaled just before that big lift.
Nose Tork Salts come in a screw-top bottle. When used, secured and stored properly, a single bottle can last a long time. If you’re an experienced powerlifter or weightlifter who’s used ammonia caps in the past, you’ll find these smelling salts to be just the extra wake-up your body needs right before the big lift that could break a record or improve your personal best.
While smelling salts are legal in most competitions, you should always ensure they are permissible in any event or competition before using. Use only in moderation and ensure you and your coaches, training partners or assistants know how to properly secure the bottle after each use. Do not store in places where the bottle can be easily upturned or where it will be exposed to heat. Contents are flammable and potent, so use responsibly.

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