Soft Plyometric Box


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Soft Plyometric Box

Add a hop, skip and a jump to your workout with a soft plyometric box set. Encouraging a range of energetic movement, this set is perfect for box jumps, step ups and triceps dips, as well as for use in training for parkour.


No Fear With a Soft Plyometric Box

When first using boxes in your workouts, the fear of tripping or causing harm to the body can be a real obstacle to progress. Choosing a set of softer boxes is a great solution, removing that worry and encouraging power and higher jumps.

Even professional athletes can be nervous on hard boxes as they work to progress their training. Soft plyometric boxes are a more comfortable choice for everyone.

With a years’ warranty for home use, there is nothing to worry about with these strong, durable padded boxes.


Soft But Mighty

Made of hard foam, these boxes are soft but tough, able to take the full force of your weight as you jump higher and higher. At the same time, they work to absorb the impact of your jump, helping to protect the shinbones, joints and ligaments and giving you added stability to your landing. The outer shell is a hard-wearing, non-slip synthetic material, giving you added confidence as you workout.

The smart set of four boxes can be used individually or as a group. They easily zip together to create a tall tower, making them ideal for those more advanced jumpers. Even beginners will appreciate the opportunity for advancement, as they can start with the smallest soft plyometric box and work their way up to the tallest. Once they have conquered the tallest, they can start building up their boxes.

The boxes come in four sizes, starting at 7.5cm. They then range from 15cm and go up to 30cm and then 45cm. That creates a possibility of a total 97.5cm height – great for parkour enthusiasts! This connective ability also makes them easier to store so you can keep your home or private gym tidy and organised.

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