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Take your abs exercises to the next level with the Speed Abs Iron Gym. Providing an advanced workout to help you get that rock-hard core, this clever tool is deceptive in its simplicity. Made up of a wheel and two handles, it looks tame enough. However, ten minutes on the floor with this beast will test your center strength to its limit!

About the Speed Abs Iron Gym

While this might look like a simple abs wheel, there is a lot more going on than meets the eye. The wide, non-slip wheel helps you stabilize as you push out, ensuring your movements are fluid and controlled. This ensures you target the right muscles to really feel that burn. The wheel sits on a non-rotating centerpiece, giving you a neutral starting position. Meanwhile, the internal assist system can be adjusted to suit your fitness level. The Speed Abs Iron Gym system provides resistance as you push the wheel away but also helps you to return safely to your starting point. With the internal assist system, you should find you are able to reach a longer range of motion and complete more reps!

Finally, the pro-grip handles have been crafted from rubber to provide maximum comfort as you hold on tight! The shape allows for a natural hand position and increased stability.

The Importance of Training Your Core

The Speed Abs Iron Gym system works your abs, triceps and lats. Training your core is the essential foundation of any fitness programme, since every movement starts at your center. Without a strong core, you are likely to damage your back and struggle to maintain the correct posture to get the full benefit of each movement. Keeping your core muscles balanced enhances the health of your spine, so that you are able to get stronger and tougher without compromising your back.

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