Speed Skipping Rope (Black)


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Speed Skipping Rope (Black)

Looking for a quality speed skipping rope that won’t break the bank? Look no further than than this speed skipping rope with black plastic handles. It’s perfect for casual workouts at home or taking it with you for workouts on the go.

This lightweight speed skipping rope features hardened plastic handles. The end of each handle is enlarged for added grip. Consequently, the handles won’t slip or slide away from you during use.

Use it at home, in the gym, or on the road. It is lightweight and easily adjustable without the use of alan keys. The rope features 9 feet of kink-resistant steel cable for long-lasting use. The steel cable is coated with PVC to protect your floors from marks.

This speed skipping rope is great regardless of your jumping style. It will meet your needs, whether you’re a straight-ahead jumper or working in double and triple unders, high knees, criss-crosses and more.

You can easily customize the length of the rope to suit your height with just your hands. The plastic handles are ergonomically designed to be comfortable for all hand sizes during prolonged use. Its smooth bearing rotation cuts the air smoothly. This effortless flow makes skipping rope an enjoyable and effective activity for any fitness level.

Benefits of Rope Jumping

This speed skipping rope is a great way to get moving and stay moving. Can’t get outdoors for a walk because of weather? Work out inside without missing a beat. It’s great for CrossFit, MMA, Boxing, Bodybuilding, Double Unders and Cardio Workouts. Casual exercisers as well as those looking to lose a little weight will find that a skipping rope adds a little something different to their cardio routines.

It’s also great for building cardio strength, endurance, and coordination. Get a great workout at home or on the go with this speed skipping rope with black plastic handles.

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