Sports Chalk 450g – Magnesium Carbonate Chalk – Rocks & Powder combined


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Magnesium Carbonate Sports Chalk in Resealable Bag (450g)

Need a lot of sports chalk? Then this resealable bag from D8 Fitness is just the thing. Keep your hands dry and prevent against rips and tears with this bag of Sport Chalk from D8 Fitness. Gyms, personal training studios and other high-traffic fitness facilities especially benefit from this bulk bag.

Made from high quality magnesium carbonate, our D8 Fitness sports chalk (also known as gym chalk) Each bag contains 450g of loose magnesium carbonate (sports chalk). The resealable bag protects against spills and prevents moisture from entering the bag.

You’ll find it in the personal and professional training facilities of body builders, powerlifters, kettlebell users, gymnasts, rock climbers and more.

Why use chalk?

Sure, chalk protects an athlete’s hands and helps improve overall grip. But chalk is also great for running a safe and healthy facility. Dry hands mean less moisture on equipment and reduced risk of others slipping as a result. Fewer rips and tears means fewer germs, as well.

Clients and patrons will see a huge benefit as well. By using chalk during their workouts, they’ll perform better on almost any lift. Each lift will be safer, too, as chalk absorbs the moisture from sweaty hands, creating friction that improves grip and prevents slippage. That’s an added advantage, especially during deadlifts, farmer’s carries, pull-ups and inverted rows where slick hands can decrease the number of reps athletes are able to perform.

Chalk also comes in a handy for a variety of calisthenics or other exercises where people are using mats or other equipment that require a firm, dry, no-slip grip. Chalk can be applied to hands or to other areas of the body that come into contact with equipment or gym apparatus, like forearms and thighs.

Key Features:

  • 450g loose chalk
  • Resealable bags
  • Perfectly suited for gyms, personal training studios or other facilities that require a large amount
  • Non-sticky formula improves grip when sweaty.
  • Fast & Easy Application
  • Highly recommended by professionals

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