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Boost your cardio power without putting too much stress on your joints with an Aerobic Step Deck. The simple step can deliver an effective full-body workout, making it a versatile option for your gym area.

About the Aerobic Step Deck

This PVC elevation features two different height levels and is adjustable to suit your range of motion. As you progress in your workout, you can increase the intensity by raising the step from 10cm tall to 15cm. This lightweight stool measures 67cm x 27cm and can easily be stored when not in use.  The clean, grooved pattern of the aerobic step deck allows for maximum grip as you work through your fitness movements. With its attractive tri-colour design in black, red and grey, this is a great step for your home exercises.

Benefits of Step Workouts

There are many benefits of working out with an aerobic step deck. The variety of movements are endless, allowing you to create diverse exercise programmes that really work the body. Turn the music up and grab a couple of hand weights and get the blood pumping! An hour of step aerobics is incredibly good for your heart, strengthening it so that you can be generally healthier in your day-to-day life. This also has a knock-on impact on your muscles and lungs, as they receive more oxygen to boost your fitness.

Since aerobic step deck workouts focus on weight-bearing, they encourage your bones to become stronger. This reduces your risk of degenerative bone diseases and helps improve your balance and stability. Of course, any kind of cardiovascular activity is useful when it comes to weight loss too, helping to boost your metabolism for faster calorie-burning.

Just like any form of exercise, using an aerobic step deck is great for your mental health. The hormones that are created as you move give you that happy, exhilarated feeling that can be maintained for a long time after your workout has ended.




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