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The Stretch Band is a flexible tool that helps relieve tight muscles, which often is caused by activity, like playing sports. Or inactivity such as a person in rehab or sitting for an extended period at a time.

When used correctly, the band helps support the correct body position so that each stretch is effective in reducing tone (tension) in the targeted muscle.

Using a Stretch band will assist in reducing the symptoms or severity of lower back pain. It is also useful for hamstring and calf muscle strains or tears or contusions such as corked thighs.

When used correctly, this simple flexibility tool will assist in improving overall Joint range-of-motion and reduce muscle tone and tightness. Recommended by Sports Physiotherapists, it will significantly help in the reduction of ailments, including Lower Back Pain, Hamstring, and Calf muscle strains & tears. It is also useful in the treatment of muscular aches following injury.

Loop the band around your waist and the ball of your foot. 

Sizes Available:

Small: Up to 170cm tall

Medium: 170cm to 190cm tall

Large 190cm +

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