T Bar Row Core Trainer Land Mine


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T Bar Row Core Trainer Land Mine

Stabilise those abs and build yourself an impressive six-pack with the T Bar Row Core Trainer Land Mine. Made to test those stomach muscles to the limit, you’ll find strength you didn’t know was possible. You will also improve your posture and balance.

Use Your Core Trainer in Every Workout

This piece of equipment is more versatile than it looks. The landmine is a simple item, made up of a metal tube weighted to the floor on a pivot system. Beginners to this exercise can use the landmine as it is, building up strength and perfecting posture. More experienced users of the t-bar core trainer may choose to add weights to really push their fitness levels through the roof.

While these exercises specifically target the core, they are also beneficial to the back and shoulder muscles. You will feel each exercise in your trapezius, deltoids, biceps and triceps, as well as your latissimus dorsi, helping to sculpt and strengthen your upper back. Meanwhile, the core trainer will test your stomach and waist. Training these areas is essential to help prevent injury and improve your overall coordination, balance and posture.

High-Quality Craftmanship for Long-Term Use

The perfect tool for use in the home or gym, our core trainer has been made with a swivel joint that moves both up and down, as well as sideways. This encourages a wide range of movement to really get deep into those obliques. The versatile t-bar handle is ideal for use with traditional bars or Olympic bars (not included), so you can customise your exercise routine to find what works best for you.

This package includes the landmine and t-bar handle. Bar and weights are not included but we sell a great range of compatible products here at D8 Fitness.

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