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If your workouts are getting too easy, maybe it is time to add a Tactical Weight Training Vest. This simple but incredibly effective piece of equipment simply straps onto the body, adding extra weight as you work through your routine.

Power Up With Military Fitness

Originally used by the military to offer extra padding and protection when in a combat situation, military vests are ideal for exercise. Instead of the convenience of pockets, these tactical vests now offer inconvenient weighted plates that add resistance to your movement. You can add a whole extra layer to your training, allowing you to really push your fitness to the limit.

This Tactical Weight Training Vest is ideal for advanced athletes who are looking for the next step in their training. It is also great for beginners to fitness and weight training, who can wear the vest for ten minutes at a time as they go about their day. Wearing it for short intervals can be a great introduction to weights and help to boost fitness over time.


A Tactically Made Tactical Vest

This clever vest has a unique strap system that can adjust to fit over clothing for bodies of all shapes and sizes. It allows for a comfortable fit while ensuring the tactical vest sits still and steady as you move. The material is both durable and lightweight, so you can push yourself to your appropriate edge, without worrying about damaging the vest. Put it on and forget that it is there!

The plates have been given an ergonomic design to ensure comfort at all times. The front plate is curved, while the back pack is weighted with a soft 5kg gel pack. This allows the tactical vest to mould to the shape of your back. The vest adds 7.5kg of weight to your workout, helping to create a stronger, leaner and fitter body with ease.

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