Taurus Skipping Rope

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Taurus Skipping Rope

The Taurus Skipping Rope is unique in its design. “World Record Holder” Albert Rayner designed them. The revolutionary design means the rope revolves around the handle and not into it. The Taurus ropes come in standard 9′ lengths and can be cut to fit the exact required size.

The unique fittings permit natural speed. As a result, all skipping comes straight from the wrists, instead of the arms or the back.

The Taurus Skipping Ropes comes in standard 9 ft lengths and can be cut to fit the exact required size.

Use the Taurus Skipping Rope to train for a variety of sports including, football, boxing and dancing.

Benefits of Skipping Using the Taurus Skipping Rope

Children: Skipping improves coordination and rhythm, it also strengthens and tones the muscles, and it’s lots of fun.

Ladies: Skipping improves the figure by tightening flabby muscles and loose flesh on the arms, thighs, buttocks and calves. Prolonged skipping improves the bust and posture, and combined with a calorie-controlled diet, a skipping programme will help to shed pounds.

Athletes: Because of the all around effect on the body, skipping is a great way to warm up before exercise. As in running, the use of a skipping rope brings into play all major muscle groups. The longer the skip the greater the endurance.

Boxers: The boxer needs to be fast on his feet. Skipping will greatly increase speed and lightness on his feet. Use the Taurus Skipping Rope for 10 and 30 second bursts of speed skipping during workouts.

Summary: The regular skipper, will perform his everyday activities better, will tire less, and gain better posture and confidence. Skipping is an excellent form of exercise. Important: Before starting any exercise programme – HAVE A CHECK UP.

How to measure and cut the correct length of rope.

Stand erect, forearms horizontal to the ground with one handle in each hand, allow the rope to hang with no more than 4 to 6 inches of rope touching the ground.

To secure the correct length, unscrew one end of rope from handle, measure, then cut and rescrew to handle. Use caution when cutting the rope. Cut too much and you can’t get it back. So cut small pieces until you find the correct length. Do not alter handles.


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