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A simple, easy-to-use traditional massage alternative, the Trigger Point Massage Stick will soothe your aches and pains. Cleverly designed to get the most from each use, it will become a key part of your post-gym routine.

About the Trigger Point Massage Stick

This bright blue and white tool is made of high-quality PVC so that you receive the most durable, long-lasting wear. It is crafted with four independent rollers, allowing you to customise your massage to best suit your needs. The various bumps are fantastic at targeting your tightened muscles, bringing relief by rolling over the affected area. They ensure precision and optimum pressure to your movement. Lightweight and compact, it can easily squeeze into your gym bag or travel case, so you take it with you wherever you go. On-the-go massage therapy with no need to wait until you are on the massage bed! This enables you to treat the affected areas quickly, increasing your recovery time.

Designed and manufactured by 66Fit, this Trigger Point Massage Stick is a premium product that will be an enjoyable addition to your gym bag.

How to Use Your Massage Stick

The delicate design is ideal for targeting deep into the muscle for instant ache relief. To use, simply hold the two easy-grip handles at the ends and roll over the affected area. This act of compression and stretching increases circulation to the area and loosens any knots.

The Trigger Point Massage Stick gets deep into the trigger points, loosening the entire muscle. You can use it almost anywhere on the body but is particularly useful on the arms, neck, shoulders, hamstrings, ITB, thighs, calves and quads. Use before or after a workout to warm up or cool down, enhancing your recovery and making for a more pleasant workout. When used as a pre-workout tool, it helps to increase flexibility and prevent cramping and injury.

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