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You are just a hop, skip and jump away from a healthier, fitter body with this Leather Skipping Rope. Made for tougher, grueling exercise sessions, this weighted rope will get your heart rate up while working your whole body.

About the Weighted Leather Skipping Rope

This rope is made from the toughest, highest quality cowhide leather. This ensures it lasts through even the most intensive of workouts, providing you with a training tool for many years. The weights in the handles can be changed to suit your workout, allowing you to progress as you get stronger.  Made of tough wood, the handles of the leather skipping rope are easy to grip and comfortable to hold. You won’t want to let go of these non-slip handles when skipping at your most powerful!

When it comes to no-traction jumping, the 90-degree perpendicular dynamic swivel is key. The rope measures 9ft in length, suiting most users perfectly. This weighted rope has been made with professional athletes in mind, aimed at boxing, speed training and other high-intensity exercises.

Why You Should be Skipping

This leather skipping rope is a great way to boost your metabolism and burn those calories. Your body needs to work far harder to keep jumping when weighed down, bringing you into your fat loss zone incredibly quickly. A few minutes each day is sure to have an affect.

A weighted rope also offers a much more effective all-over body workout. Strengthening the arms as much as the legs, the leather skipping rope offers a fantastic core workout too. Mix it up with different skipping movements to target different muscles and keep it interesting. You might find it hard to believe, but using a weighted rope can actually be easier than a non-weighted version. The weight adds a sense of stability to each movement so that you learn to master the technique quicker.

Lightweight, portable and easy to store, skipping with the Leather Skipping Rope is a fun way to improve your health and complement your training.

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