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When your traditional cardio skipping exercises become too easy, a Weighted Skipping Rope can be the boost you need. Tagging a little weight in the rope is sure to add a new dimension to your workout, so that you can raise your heart rate and strengthen your muscles.

About the Weighted Skipping Rope

This popular training aid is a useful addition to your daily training. Made with strong woven nylon, the extra weight comes from the rope itself. This ensures the smoothest swing that doesn’t pull downwards or sag awkwardly as you perform your skipping movements. It weighs 760gms and has a total length of 268cm, although this can be adjusted to suit your height. With handles, the rope can reach up to 300cm. The grey weighted skipping rope comes with a PVC sleeve that makes it ideal for outdoor use, protecting it against the elements. It can also be used indoors if you prefer.

The heavier weight of this rope means it is really only suitable for advanced users who have some experience with weighted skipping, as this will help to prevent injury.

The Benefits of Skipping with Weights

The most efficient way to rev up your metabolism is to combine cardio and weights. Using a weighted skipping rope is a great way to do this, putting more emphasis on your arm swings as you skip. Offering a full-body workout, this type of exercise burns calories fast. It is great for your heart, coordination, strength and endurance.

It is important to note that skipping with weights is a high-impact exercise. If you have bad joints, it will put excess pressure on them which can make your ailment worse. However, if your joints are in good condition, this form of training will help prevent joint pain in the future. Skipping is a fun activity for the whole family, allowing you to play with your kids and exercise at the same time!

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