Weightlifting Belt White Elite

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Weightlifting Belt White Elite

New for 2016, Weightlifting Belt White Elite is something a bit different for the style conscious lifter. We’ve got a super soft white suede leather with large barbell club embroidered logo, extra wide loops and soft white suede padded gorgeous ness on the inside. Looks badass too.


Weightlifting Belt

Weightlifting belts strap tightly around your torso, which increases the intra-abdominal pressure and holds your spine in a neutral position. The belts help to keep your back in that safe position as you lift weights. They come in a variety of sizes and materials. Most belts are made of leather and are wider in the back. They feature buckle closure at the front. Powerlifting belts are heavier and stiffer than traditional belts and are the same width throughout the length of the belt. They also close with a buckle at front. Also available are belts made of softer, synthetic material that strap at the front of your torso with fabric fastener.



Weightlifting belts wrap firmly around your lower back and protect your spine from collapsing as you’re performing heavy lifting exercises. For example, during back squats, if your lower back muscles aren’t strong enough to keep your spine in a proper position, it can result in a muscular strain in your lower back. The weightlifting belt supports the spine in your lower back so that it can safely handle greater loads. The belt can also help remind you to keep your back straight.


ModiFit Elite White Suede Weightlifting Belt – Sizing Information

Please measure around your waist / belly button.

  • Small: 24″ – 31″
  • Medium 27″ – 34″
  • Large 32″ – 39″
  • Extra Large 35″ – 42″
  • Double Extra Large – 38″ – 45″


Suitable for Olympic Lifting, Weight Training, Heavy Squats, Dead Lifting Wods/Met Cons.


Advantages of wearing a lifting belt

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