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When it comes to lifting weights for the very first time, it is a great idea to purchase a Weightlifting Kit. It is important to start slow, using lighter weights while you work on technique. Once you have your posture perfected, you can work your way up, building strength and toning the body as you go.

About this Weightlifting Kit

This kit is made up of a single 7ft Olympic bar that measures 28mm in diameter and weighs 20kg. Made of strong, hardened chrome, the bar is shiny and stylish, giving a professional finish that will build your confidence. The bar has a smooth, consistent spin, courtesy of closed bearings. Knurlings on the midsection help to improve grip so you can lift without gloves.

There are also six black bumper plates in this weightlifting kit. They include two 5kg weights, two 10kg weights and two 15kg weights. This is a reasonable range for the beginner lifter, helping to boost strength and tone muscle. The end of the Olympic weightlifting bar allows you to use more than one plate at a time, so you can build each side up to 30kg in total. You can also purchase more plates with 2″ centres, since this bar can comfortably handle up to 125kg. There are also two spring collars to help keep these plates in place, preventing serious injury.

How to Use your Kit

Using your weightlifting kit for the first time might be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. You might like to start using the bar only. Start with simple movements like squats, resting the bar on the meaty part of your back, and presses, ensuring your arms are able to fully extend above your head. Practise deadlifts with an empty bar, making sure to hinge from the hips with your knees slightly bent and the bar close to the body. Once you have got your form right, you can start to add weights slowly, moving up as the exercises become too easy.

This weightlifting kit is for entry-level users only and is not suitable for a commercial environment.


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