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Challenge your core while working to improve your coordination with this clever Wobble Balance Board. Just standing on the board is a skill, but you can also perform a variety of movement to boost results!


About the Wobble Balance Board

This board measures 36cm wide, making it perfect for beginner to intermediate training. The large flat base makes for a slightly easier experience, giving you the confidence to use this board to its full potential. The durable plastic construction has a contoured surface, giving maximum grip to your sports shoes so you don’t slip. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, it can be quickly wiped down after each use to keep it in tip-top condition.

Despite its large frame, the Wobble Balance Board is very lightweight, so it can be moved around your workout space with ease. Since it is so simple to use, it is an effective exercise tool for home, gym or physio office. It comes with a downloadable training booklet to help you get started, as well as links to some videos to inspire your workouts. Please note that the maximum load for this board is 120kg.


Why is Balance Important?

When it comes to fitness and rehabilitation, one of the best ways to improve coordination is through balance. Tightening and strengthening your core is key to this, as it is from your middle that everything else connects. Learning to perfect your balance under pressure will enhance your abs and improve almost everything else that your body does.

Using a Wobble Balance Board is great for rehabilitation, as it helps to build a base from which to improve your fitness. It is also low-impact, so you can exercise without fear of damaging your  joints. Most of all, it is fun, a great way for both children and adults to enjoy exercising.



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