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If you have been looking to add a little balance to your life, try the Power Balance Wobble Board! It provides an unstable platform on which you can challenge your muscles, coordination and balancing skills. This exercise tool takes stabilising to the next level, exercising your brain, as well as your body.

About the Power Balance Wobble Board

This high-quality board has been crafted from natural toughened hardwood for a strong and durable design. The non-slip textured grain gives stability as you balance, so you can feel confident as you exercise. There are handles with a comfortable curved design, giving you a greater variety of potential positions on the wobble board. The creviced design also makes for easier transportation, while the central balance bubble can be removed for easier storage.

This simple tool is ideal for users of all fitness levels. It is a fantastic rehabilitation tool after injury, or as a way to boost weakened muscles. However, professional athletes love the wobble board too, using it to improve stability and coordination with a variety of exercises.

How to Use Your Board

Simply placing two feet on the board and trying not to fall off can be a challenging enough activity for some. The wobble board can also be used while sitting down, giving you a way to keep moving while at your desk or watching TV. It has been found to be a great tool for children with attention difficulties, since they are able to fidget with their feet while they work to improve their concentration.

For those wanting to work a little harder, start by simply moving your weight in different directions for a great core workout. Increase the intensity by working with one foot in the air, or adding weights. You can also try squats and leg raises using the board. Or, switch it up by using the board for your hands and attempting push ups or planks!

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