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Keep your bars neat, tidy and safe when not in use with a Wolverson Bar Holder. With them all in one, easy-to-reach place, you will always be able to find the bar you need. This ensures there is no break in your intense workouts.

About the Wolverson Bar Holder

Designed to hold ten bars in total, measuring 55mm in diameter, this is a smart, sturdy product. Storing the bars upright takes up the minimum amount of space, making for a tidier, happier gym environment. Made up to two thin sheets of steel, laser-cut for a perfect finish, your bars will sit comfortably and still. The unit also comes with bolts fittings so you can secure it to the wall for a sturdier finish. However, it does not include bolts.

The sleek, black steel design of the Wolverson Bar Holder has been created in the UK and features the unique Wolverson wolf logo.

The Benefits of Safely Storing Your Bars

The Wolverson Bar Holder has been made to make your workouts easier, safer and more efficient. Store this bar container near the weight area in your gym or at your home and you will always have the bars nearby. This ensures a quick and easy switch-over. The upright position of the bars makes it easier to grab one in a hurry, while the double sheet steel keeps the bars safe and secure, ensuring they won’t fall over if you accidently knock the holder.

This is a high-quality piece of apparatus that can store even the heaviest of bars. Keep the Wolverson Bar Holder close to your free weights so that you have everything you need in one place at all times.


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