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Build up a strong and lean lower body with a Wolverson Sissy Squat Rack. Designed to help you perfect the challenging sissy squat, this machine will help with balance and control, while isolating your quads.


What is a Sissy Squat?

Sissy squats can be performed without a rack, although they are much trickier. The aim is to stay on the tip toes and move your knees forward as you lean back, squatting as you do. The key is to maintain a continuous movement up and down. Your centre of gravity is put to the test, which is why a Wolverson Sissy Squat Rack can be a great aid.

The feet are supported and kept firmly in place when using the rack. Then you squat as normal, sending your glutes towards the upright ‘seat’. Once you feel confident in this movement, you can add an extra level of complexity by leaning backwards before pulling yourself back upright. You can fold your arms while using the Wolverson Sissy Squat Rack or add weights to really test your strength.


Why Choose a Wolverson Rack?

There is nothing ‘sissy’ about this rack. This compact machine has been crafted to the highest quality, with practicality in mind, with the aim of bringing an underestimated exercise move back into the limelight. From the non-slip footplate which helps to keep your feet in place, to the adjustable front roller pad, this rack has it all! Make sure your legs are secure and comfortable before starting to push your muscles to the limit.

Despite its size, the Wolverson Sissy Squat Rack is surprisingly heavy, helping to keep you grounded as you squat. The strong, heavy duty steel rack has reinforced upholstery for comfort and durability. Make sure the calf pad sits at a comfortable spot just beneath the knees. Sit deep into your legs to really feel the muscles working hard. You’ll have quads and glutes of steel before you know it!

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