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A useful tool in the fight against tight calves, a wood slant board is great for stretching and rehabilitation. Use after running to help prevent shin splints or use it to work on mobility and stability after injury.

About Your Wood Slant Board

Measuring 45cm x 14cm, this sturdy board is nice and big for wide-legged exercises such as squats. The board inclines at 26 degrees, allowing you to get the same stretch you would achieve from an inversion, without putting unnecessary weight on your ankles. The thick, high-quality plywood has been treated with a non-slip coating to ensure you have the most stable stance when using your Wood Slant Board. Lightweight and easy to carry, this is a product that can be brought out to use as and when necessary.

This board is incredibly easy to use, simply place your foot on the board so that your heel is touching the floor and your toes are pointing up. Then, lean your stomach towards your thigh to feel a good stretch on your Achilles.

Why Do You Need to Stretch Your Calf Muscles?

At the base of the leg, the calf supports the entire body. It is an important part of running, making the muscles within it essential for almost every exercise. Using a wood slant board allows you to stretch those muscles properly, giving them a little more mobility and flexibility every time.

Looking after the calf muscles in this way also helps to prevent inflammation and reduces that after-exercise ache. A wood slant board is also useful for relieving back pain and improving blood circulation. This helps to prevent swelling in the ankles and keeps your whole body in tip-top condition.

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