Wrist/Ankle Weights (1.5kg or 2.5kg weights available)

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Wrist/Ankle Weights

In case you hadn’t heard, ankle weights are the perfect way to add a little challenge to your workout. Go the distance while adding a little resistance with these ankle weights. They are now available online and in store from D8 Fitness.

Ankle weights come in 1.5kg or 2.5kg each. They are sold in pairs, so together they weigh 3kg or 5kg. Use them for indoor or outdoor use and for a variety of gym and fitness exercises. And even though they are ankle weights, you could also use them around your wrists. Wear them while walking, running, exercising or even dancing. Burn calories faster and strengthen your stamina at the same time.

Adjustable straps make these attractive weights fit to most people. The soft material also helps avoid chafing during extended workouts. Reinforced stitching  and a sturdy outer trim ensure lasting durability.The electric blue nylon adds a pop of color while the ankle strap holds the weights securely in place. They’ll go nicely with your other D8 merch!

Use these ankle weights for a wide variety of purposes. They are equally as good for fitness or cardio exercises as they are for physical therapy. Add more resistance for a slightly tougher workout. Increase lower body strength when used consistently over time. They are particularly useful for physio. Rehabilitate muscles and improve balance and coordination when work during therapy. Similarly, you could wear them around the house for gentle, consistent strengthening.

From home workouts to martial arts and many other fitness exercises, these ankle weights are great value for the money. Use them virtually anywhere and for any physical activity. Your muscles and your workout will thank you.

  • Sold in pairs, one for each leg or each wrist 
  • Weights available 1.5kg or 2.5kg, select the correct weight at check out
  • Easy clean, wipe with dame cloth
  • Perfect training for fitness, cardio exercises, physical therapy, dance, core training and more.

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