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Show off your personality while you train with our themed wrist wraps from D8 Fitness. Featuring fun designs, including Melons, Emojis, Camo, Cats, Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles and Thundercats as well as those mischievous Minions and whimsical pigs, our wrist wraps and supports will add flair to your workout.

Our comic book and themed wrist supports are suitable for a variety of workouts and training disciplines, including Crossfit, Olympic lifting and other types of weightlifting. Each wrap is made from a durable blend of breathable cotton and flexible polyester. Each features a nylon cord on one end to make wrapping easy and quick.

Our wrist wraps provide excellent support and help protect against injury during workouts. They also provide excellent support if you’re recovering from a previous injury. Whether going all out or taking it slow during recuperation, these wrist wraps and supports help you do it in style.

Please follow the proper techniques for wrapping to ensure maximum support. Below are guidelines as well as links to Youtube videos for easier instructions on how to apply.

  • Place the cordless end of the wrap flat against your skin near or on your wrist.
  • Wrap the support once around your wrist to secure the cordless end in place.
  • Hold the corded end of the wrist support as you wrap it around your wrist, adjusting to the desired tightness.
  • When you reach the end of the fabric, wrap the cord around your wrist and then tuck it under one of the wrapped layers.
  • You can tighten or loosen the support by twisting the cord or the actual material itself while the wrap is held firmly in place by the cord.



Material: Cotton & Polyester Blend with double stich
Measurements: 36” x 2.5”
Cord: 17”
Care Instructions: Hand wash and hang-dry after each use to ensure you get the most life out of each wrap.
Sold in pairs.

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