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A dose of energy might be just what you need to reach that personal best and the Yamamoto Aminobol Energy is the perfect way to get this! Supercharged with ingredients proven to fight fatigue and get you ready for action, this powder is a high-quality supplement.

About Yamamoto Aminobol Energy

With 300g of powder in each container, this powder includes lots of recognised ingredients. It has all the BCAAs, and l-citrulline, which are all great at boosting muscle recovery and power while fighting fatigue. It also contains l-alanyl l-glutamine, which is more stable and absorbed more easily than l-glutamine on its own. Green tea extract is full of antioxidants and has weight loss properties, as well as caffeine for mental focus.

The Yamamoto Aminobol Energy powder also helps replace electrolytes and increase hydration as you sweat. To enjoy, mix two scoops with 150ml of water and take before a workout, no more than once a day. You should always consult a medical professional before supplementing your diet, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under 18.

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