Yoga Mat Classic and Carry Bag – 6mm


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Every good yogi needs a good Yoga Mat Classic to help them stay grounded. Designed to keep you rooted to the floor, whether you are on your feet, hands or another body part.

About the Yoga Mat Classic

An exclusive item to D8 Fitness, this mat has been crafted with the serious yogi in mind. Made with the highest quality EVA material, it is an extremely durable mat that will aid in your practice. Measuring 6mm thick, the cushioned base is complemented by a non-slip design. This stops you from slipping off the mat and it also prevents the mat slipping on the floor. This essential traction is a key part of the design.

The 61cm x 183cm mat is designed to be portable. It allows you to carry it to yoga class, with a convenient carry bag included. Lightweight and easy to roll up, it is also simple to store, staying safe and clean in its bag. A quick wipe down after each session is all that is required to keep the Yoga Mat Plus in tip-top condition.

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When Might You Need an Exercise Mat?

Yoga practice requires a mat in every session, throughout the whole practice. It acts as a base for your postures, giving you a sense of space and grounding. However, there are many other occasions when the Yoga Mat Plus might come in handy. It is a good idea to have a mat ready for any floor-based exercises, since it will help to prevent slips and injuries. The exercise mat is also useful for core work, providing some cushioning to your back so that you don’t get sore on a hard floor. The Yoga Mat Plus is a great choice, since it is slightly larger than conventional mats, giving you a wider surface area to work on.

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