Abs Training Equipment

Our range of Abs Training Equipment has everything you need to create a toned and defined core. Six-packs don’t come easy but with a little bit of work and some carefully selected tools, you will soon have the rock-hard abs you’ve always dreamed of.

Why It Is Important to Train the Core

Of course. a strong core is about more than aesthetics. Your Abs Training Equipment should be at the heart of every workout you do. By concentrating on your abs daily you can help to correct bad posture, improve reaction speeds and reduce your risk of a back pain. Tightening your abs and strengthening your hips can also improve your body alignment which can help your lungs and diaphragm. Meanwhile, losing inches in this area can reduce your risk of heart disease.

Whether you are a footballer, a weight-lifter or anything in between, a strong core will help to improve your performance.

About Our Abs Training Equipment

There are hundred of moves that can be incorporated into workouts to tone your abs. It is important to vary these as much as possible, in order to hit every muscle in this complex area. We have carefully selected a range of tools with proven benefits to the core, including a variety of Ab Rollers and Ab Slings.  The traditional sit-up will only get you so far in strength training and conditioning, but these products can take you the extra mile!

So say goodbye to the spare tyre around your waist and pick up one of our exercise wheels today!

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